¿Who are the ones behind the curtains?

Wonderful small, yet continuously growing, team that mixes different knowledges and disciplines making possible the creation and promotion of each Anastasia bag. We describe ourselves as young entrepreneurs with lust for life and passion for fashion, design, culture and eco-friendly lifestyle.
We won’t sit around and wait until something happens, we rather make it ourselves, we rather carve our own path, we are driven to build a better future and that’s why we are together.

Maria del Mar Jaramillo
CEO & Founder

Profesional Visual Communication Designer since 2012. After several years working as media buyer and digital planner at MEC, decided to quit and began to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams, restarting an old project about recycling cloth scraps to make bags thus leading to Anastasia’s creation. Later recognised by the Bags Across the Globe project from UC Davis as one of the most creative and sustainable projects, event which led Maria to fully dedicate herself into developing Anastasia project. Her strong sense of compassion and solidarity makes her work tirelessly researching new ways to help people through her work in Anastasia, and she will continue working hard until she successes in creating a sustainable / fair conditions work environment for all single mothers whom she’s been working from the very beginning.

Diana Acevedo
CM & Graphic Designer

Recently joined the Anastasia Team in the early months of 2015, before that, she wandered around some small advertising agencies with unfair working condition issues that led her to quit and began looking for opportunities in freelance and entrepreneurial area. Professional Graphic Designer since 2014 whom specialises in editorial design, which she loves even more after doing an internship at El Tiempo Casa Editorial (one of the most prominent newspaper in Colombia). Photography and illustration lover whose goal is finding passion, aesthetic and social impact through her work, something close to “truly fall in love” with work.

Juan Manuel Orozco
Writer & Coolhunter

Owns a degree in Social Communication since 2014. His experience mainly is in the audiovisual field due to his long internship in the audiovisual producer Fox Telecolombia, where he worked in multiple productions 24hrs/7days of the week, as Production Assistant. Nevertheless that tv production lifestyle left him unhappy so decided to quit and pursue a more fulfilling job according to his tastes. With remarkable passion for music, photography, fashion and visual arts made him polish his freelance skills, highly emphasised in creativity, coolhunting and trendsetting. He writes for Anastasia every now and then.